Staying Humble

TrailblazerPrayer-860-blogAlmost done with breaking down the manifesto! “May you praise yourself and may you remain humble.” Now that is a tricky one!

I feel like most people either do one or the other and it is difficult to find the balance. In my life I don’t really praise myself, I do acknowledge my accomplishments and am praised by others so both are more of an internal “praise”. The thought of praising myself outwardly doesn’t feel humble to me, it feels cocky.

I think when people begin to praise themselves outwardly to others the ego gets involved and it feels a little like boasting which definitely isn’t humble. This one reminds me of satya and brahmacharya in the yamas of yoga. Be truthful about your accomplishments and positive attributes but there is no need to be excessive. You need to believe in yourself and realize how amazing you are without letting your ego take over. Do you feel like you do one more than the other? Do you praise yourself? Try writing down what you have accomplished in the past five years. It can be pretty eye opening.


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