Be Courageous


We are on part two of the manifesto today! Hopefully yesterday helped you strengthen your belief in yourself. This entire manifesto follows in that theme. Today we are going to focus on “May you rise to the challenge. And then rise again. May you be courageous.”  It is pretty hard to be courageous if you don’t believe in yourself so hopefully yesterdays reflection time will help you with today.

Is there a challenge in your life you need to tackle? Tired of procrastinating? Maybe it is just something on your bucket list you have always wanted to do or maybe you want to move to a new place or quit your job or volunteer but there is something holding you back. Today is the day! Be courageous and rise to the challenge. Figure out what is holding you back, I have a feeling it is more mental than actual.

So many beliefs we have aren’t even true. Question what is holding you back. Imagine a complete stranger was telling you their story about this and how you would encourage them to take a step forward, talk to yourself the same way. Take massive action on one challenge in your life today. Approach it with an open mind, be curious, be hopeful, and make it happen.


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