A Manifesto for Trailblazers

This “prayer” has such a great message but I consider it more of a manifesto. This week we are going to break it down one part at a time and reflect on it daTrailblazerPrayer-860-blogily. The first section I want to start with is “May you believe in yourself. May you play big. May you refuse to let anyone define you. May you see the need for you.”

These four things are a pretty big deal! “May you believe in yourself.” Do you believe in yourself? Do you think the world is your oyster and you can accomplish anything or have you put yourself into a small bubble and are limited in what you can do and who you can be? This goes hand in hand with “May you play big.” If you don’t believe in yourself there is no way you can play big. Is there something holding you back from taking a risk and going after what you truly desire?

May you refuse to let anyone define you.” I think this also continues with the theme of believing in yourself. There is no need to believe anything other people say when you truly know and believe in yourself.

May you see the need for you.” This is huge. Do you understand how special you are to the world? How can you contribute in a way that is uniquely you? What is the goodness that you bring to your own small world of friends and family and co-workers? And also what can you contribute to the entire world?

These four lines may say entirely different things but when it comes down to it they all come back to believing in yourself. Beliefs are extremely powerful guides in our life that can limit us or empower us but the funny thing about it is that our mind will believe anything we tell it to.

Reflect on these four questions today:
Are there any beliefs you have that are holding you back in realizing your own self worth?
Are you taking risks and living life how you want or is something holding you back?
Do you let other people’s opinions and judgments effect your own life choices?
Do you see the need for you? Make a list of what you have to offer.


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