Pick Your Thoughts Not Your Nose…


According to research 95-98% of our thoughts are the same ones we had the day before. Does that seem weird and wrong to anybody else? We are stuck in our thought cycles every single day. It makes a lot of sense why it takes so much effort to create change in our lives. Our mind is like a broken record stuck in the same groove and playing the same track day after day. Today begin to notice your thought patterns and try to write down common themes or topics.

Common limiting beliefs:
Not being enough.
Not having enough.
Not deserving love.
Not deserving success.
Having to work a job you hate.
Having to follow a path that is expected of you.
Having to live in a climate you hate.

Then write down how you could change that thought pattern. What would be a more empowering, beneficial, and positive way to think about it? Make an entire list of all the things you have or all the reasons you deserve to be loved or all the reasons you should move. Whatever thoughts you want to change, start focusing on the reasons that they are not true and reinforce it with the positive thoughts that are true. It will take time to train your brain to think the new way but being aware is the first step!

Once again, today’s topic touches on ahimsa (non-violence) and satya (truthfulness). Our negative thoughts are a form of violence to ourselves and they are not truthful. The really cool thing about the mind is that ultimately you can believe anything you want to, all you have to do is decide. That is why there are so many different belief systems in the world. Most people are taught to believe something based on their religion, history or culture and never question it. It is time to start asking questions.


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