Being Open

267870152583424_a-f6fccf16_VnbuUw_pmI wish this were true. I wish we could see people for who they truly are instead of their outer shells. I’d like to think the world would be an even more beautiful place. I do think some people have that “knack” and can see right through you and I have also met people who think they can but actually have no idea!

When it comes to the ethical practice of yoga, judging goes against ahimsa and satya (non-violence and truthfulness). When you judge someone it is often not the truth, it is only an assumption and it is definitely harmful to both you and the other person. It may only be a thought but that thought turns into your attitude towards them. When you judge someone it also automatically closes you off at least a little bit because you have jumped to a conclusion.

Our ego is the part of us that feels the need to judge and label things so it is definitely human nature so don’t beat yourself up about it! Just be more conscientious and aware as you go through your day today. Notice when you are judging or labeling something. Why did you feel the need to do that? How does this judgement reflect back onto yourself? Nothing in this world is intrinsically bad or good, it is only the value we place on it. I think it is time to stop labeling and judging people and being more open to see the beauty in every individual you meet.

I will be posting photos and reminders on “The Spiritual GPS” Instagram and Facebook pages to help you come back to this focus for the rest of the day.


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