Enjoying Transitions

My time in Nicaragua is coming to an end and I just can’t sleep tonight. Perhaps it is the music blasting in the streets but after four months I have learned to tune that out quite well! Life is always interesting during a period of transition. This will be my last week working with Pure and it makes me a little sad. It has been nice to share my knowledge with a group of personal trainers and instructors. When I leave clients behind as I move around they often “drop the ball” and don’t continue with the routine that has helped them so much. The ones that continue to train online are awesome with sticking to their routine but I often see a facebook photo months later of otherĀ clients thatĀ have gained all the weight back and it is sad and disappointing. Educating professionals meansĀ the message will carry on to more and more people which is really exciting, but I am enjoying it so much it makes me sad to go.

Next week is theĀ Nicaragua Adventure & Yoga Retreat I am hosting which will be the perfect end to my time in Nicaragua. Hiking volcanoes, zip lining, horseback riding, and surfing before I head off for some quiet time at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas for a couple months. It is this strange transition of happiness and excitement of what is to come, enjoying what is, and letting go of what is ending. A push and pull of different emotions and trying to enjoy all of them at the same time.

An interesting thing about transitions is that there is often a slight change in identity. Most life transitions take you from single to married, wife to mother, student to professional, and you have to grasp a whole new role in life. I am not really into the traditional roles in life but each contract I take tends to be completely different so I go from personal trainer to yoga instructor to boot camp instructor to volunteer to retreat leader. I enjoy it because I get to immerse myself in a new identity trying to learn more in each role that I fill in an effort to help those I am involved with. I think transition is always a period of personal growth but it is really important to not get self absorbed and think about the people you are leaving behind and the new ones you are about to embrace.


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