The Beginner’s Mind

What if we woke up each morning and completely wiped the slate clean? We could experience everything for the very first time. We could let go of the stories of our pasts that hold us back. Have you ever seen a baby stare at it’s hands in wonder? What if we took this approach to each brand new day?

Opening your eyes in the morning embrace the world with fresh eyes. What have you been taking for granted? Notice the way sunlight shines through the trees. Actually feel the breeze on your skin. Listen to every single bird and the leaves rustling, the fan spinning, everything you are surrounded by. Feel your heart beat and feel every inhale and exhale. Pay attention to every little thing. Be present in the moment and embrace today like it is your very first on planet Earth.

Notice the benefits to this approach of life. I know it makes me even more grateful for all life has to offer.


One thought on “The Beginner’s Mind

  1. You are so right. We all need to do this more often because so many things are taken for granted. I love the way you describe this refreshing moment because I feel so grateful to be alive and well. Thank you so much for sharing this, it really made my day!


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