Turning Bad Experiences to Good

Today I had the worst massage of my life. I am not the best client in the first place, I would much rather give than receive so I tend to be hyper-aware when I am on the table but this would have been a traumatizing experience for anyone. When I walked in I was greeted by a man with slightly tinted sunglasses and a walking stick so I am assuming he was blind but not completely convinced due to some odd towel draping issues. Perhaps one of the problems was that instead of being given a sheet to cover up with I was given a towel and I am nearly six feet tall so that only covers half my body. His pressure was extremely rough and quick so it was not at all relaxing and not very thorough. Then he insisted I take my underwear off. With the Spanish language barrier interfering a bit I just took them off. He then proceeded to contort my body and stretch it in a variety of positions always moving the towel so my entire body was left uncovered and the towel was only over the lower leg.  I am very flexible but he was taking it way beyond my limits and I kept trying to resist and push against him so he would stop. He then dragged the towel roughly over every inch of my body to wipe off any lotion and beat my body with pounding and smacking. The entire massage I was just thinking how awful the whole experience was. I kept trying to relax and make the best of it but the best part was when he said he was done!

An hour later I had two massage clients of my own to work on. My experience helped me in a way I didn’t imagine. I always hope during a massage I may learn a new technique or it may trigger a method I had forgotten but this time the bad experience made me more aware of the entire massage experience for my clients. It was just another example of how any experience in life can be seen in a positive light. We always have a choice. We get to choose how we see every part of our life and that is a beautiful thing!


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