The Practice of “A Little”

Small Steps I was taught that it is better to have a practice of many little things than no practice at all. I find this concept is the key to success. We have a tendency to think we need to take massive steps in order to succeed but because the steps are so huge we don’t take them at all and stand still frozen in the same patterns. We think we need to spend at least an hour at the gym and when we can’t fit that time block into our busy schedule then we don’t go at all instead of doing a 4-minute session of tabata training right at home. We try to find a yoga class that will work in our schedule and when life interferes we don’t go at all instead of taking the time to do five rounds of sun salutations at home.  We think we need a massive overhaul in our diet when replacing juices and sodas with water is actually a huge improvement. The secret to success lies in your daily routine. Find a way to take small steps forward each day. Create your own practice of “a little”.



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