The Teacher Has Become The Student

I think I could write a book about the interesting yoga classes I have taught while I have been in Nicaragua the past six weeks. I can’t imagine the stories I will have by the end of six months! It has been awhile since I have taught yoga on a daily basis so I am really observing and learning a lot as I teach. I think a benefit of being at a hotel is a large population of our guests are fairly new to yoga so I get to observe the beginner’s mind and body. I am seeing that often times yoga is not completely appropriate for everyone’s body. Our posture has gotten so bad that it is impossible for many people to do the basic sun salutations. I have made it my mission to create a new method to take these postural factors into consideration when teaching yoga. I am still in the beginning stages but it is creating an interesting experience as I observe students in class. I am diving deep into my research most days and am excited to feel like a student again. I suppose I was lucky that my mom always nagged me for slouching! I don’t quite understand why people don’t understand how important posture is but I hope I can help be the change 🙂


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