Don’t Stop – Move it, Move it!

I have been working with an older clientele lately and am finding the biggest cause for their body pain all originates from being sedentary. The longer they are sedentary the worse the problems get. Often times they go to multiple doctors for opinions but the answer always ends up as exercise. I wish people understood that exercise doesn’t have to be painful – there are so many varieties and options out there that I truly believe there is something for everyone. I am not saying that it is super easy but you can create a manageable routine.

There are four major components that are important to work on and incorporate into your routine.

1. Muscular Strength – This could range from lifting weights to doing body weight exercises. Both activities are going to increase your strength. The beautiful thing about body weight exercises like squats and push ups are that you can do them anywhere and don’t need to bother with a gym membership.

2. Muscular Endurance – This refers to how long your muscles can maintain their strength for. The more push ups you can do, the more muscular endurance you have. I find this to be the biggest problem as people become more sedentary. They don’t have the endurance to complete activities anymore.

3. Cardiorespiratory Endurance – This is the bodies ability to supply oxygen and remove waste during physical activity. This is generally achieved through activities such as running, swimming or biking. I find when I am working with a client that doesn’t enjoy exercising that Tabata training is a better approach because it only takes four minutes and has been scientifically proven that it is all you need in order to achieve results.

4. Flexibility and Range of Motion – This is your bodies ability to move each joint through its full range of motion and stretch the muscles connecting each joint. This is extremely important as we get older. As muscles get tighter they start to pull on the joints and create imbalances in the body. This is why you see kyphosis and scoliosis get worse with age (hunchbacks and curved spines). Stretching helps create a balance within the body and often relieves pain more than a massage would.

Increasing your activity level doesn’t have to be difficult. You can just start walking every day – that walk may only be to the end of your driveway and back but every single difference makes a difference. I do coaching sessions via skype to help people find a routine that will work for them or you can find a local personal trainer or physical therapist to help you get started. Hiring a professional is more important than you think. Most YouTube videos and magazine articles are catering to people that are in perfect physical condition. “Get Your Bikini Body In Two Weeks” is not tailored to somebody that has never worked out in their life. The most important thing is to start moving in a safe way that works for your body. Every body is very unique, embrace that and find what works for you!


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