Present Moment Perfection

I just had such a unique moment in my life, a feeling that I have never experienced before. Every night after dinner I have been going for a walk along the beach and it is always beautiful, but tonight was really special. The sand felt like powdered sugar beneath my toes, the waves were huge and crashing along the shore, the breeze was making a beautiful song in the palm trees and the sun was changing the entire horizon into one big rainbow – the clouds along the horizon were a cornflower blue, the sky above them were pinks, peach, and lavender, and the cloud the sun set behind was outlined in a neon coral. All of my senses were peaked. I kept turning around to watch the sunset but as I walked east I could watch the bright and luminescent nearly full moon. It was like I didn’t know which way too look and I felt giddy and happy to be surrounded by so much beauty. I walked out to the breakwater and up the stairs to sit and appreciate it all. As I was sitting there soaking it all in I thought about how at that moment life was perfect and I started to think about how I never wanted this moment to end. I was wishing that I could freeze time and live in that exact moment forever. It was a feeling I had never had and as I was really immersed and absorbed in this moment a gigantic wave came over the entire breakwater and soaked me! I started giggling and laughing as I hobbled down the stairs completely soaked. I kept giggling to myself half the way back to the yoga retreat. Life is hilarious and I just wanted to share this special moment with you! I am sure there was a lesson in all this, I think God was trying to send me a message but I am still so happy and giddy that I can’t think straight. The present moment is a wonderful moment!


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