How will your life unfold tomorrow?


“What a wonder we are, we humans, we beings of God, we children of the Earth. We are lost in our illusions of perfection, drowning in the sorrows of forgotten dreams and borrowed hopes – but we yearn for the knowledge that will reveal the gospel of our truth.  We search everywhere, and yet what little we discover only leads us back to our own beginnings. There is nothing beyond ourselves, all that is rests within our mighty little hearts. There, in that sacred place, resides all the wisdom, the comfort, the joy, the strength, the faith, the courage and the love that we need to sustain during our journey.

Every day life offers up countless opportunities to help us discover who we really are and what we can truly become.  Each of us is unique, beautiful and true, as is every moment of our day.  If only we would stop thinking about doing things and simply did what our hearts inspired us to; happiness might find its way into our lives more often.  To love or not to love, to be happy or not to be, to hug a life or not – the choice is always ours to make.  It is now, in this very moment, that you decide how your life will unfold tomorrow.”

Martin Neufold


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